Mitsubishi Lancer Owners Manual

Cleaning plastic parts
Vehicle care / Cleaning the exterior of your vehicle / Cleaning plastic parts

Use a sponge or chamois leather.

If a car wax adheres on a grey or black rough surface of the bumper, moulding or lamps, the surface becomes white. In such a case, wipe it off using lukewarm water and soft cloth or chamois leather.

Mitsubishi Lancer: Cleaning plastic parts. Caution Caution

► Do not use a scrubbing brush or other hard tools as they may damage the plastic part surface.
► Do not use wax containing compound (polishing powder) which may damage the plastic part surface.
► Do not bring the plastic parts into contact with petrol, light oil, brake fluids, engine oils, greases, paint thinners, and sulphuric acid (battery electrolyte) which may crack, stain or discolour the plastic parts.
If they touch the plastic parts, wipe them off with soft cloth, chamois or the like and an aqueous solution of neutral detergent then immediately rinse the affected parts with water.

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